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We work together on acquisitions of company stake sales.

Our Mission is to predict, organize and realize business ideas, supporting the companies by buying stake sales. We sponsor efforts to generate long term value from new and existing technology as well.


Auditability, tracking and data management

are critical functions for any organization that tracks royalties and rights, of vital importance ensuring that royalty monies owed or due are administered accurately. It may also handle relationships with other private companies with regard to the management of royalties.

Our goal is to achieve cashflow streams around assets that can support the business by monetizing with a future objective.


Our effort is monitoring a registered trademark, name or symbol used in business or commercial enterprise

Managing a brand means tracking that the use of the brand respectfully agrees with the guideline and monitoring trademark infringement or trademark usage requests.

Brand management is an essential task of our company: a brand and a name image not only are the face of the company, but also determine the economic value and stability of the organization in order to maximize their brand’s marketing and economic power. Trademark management includes monitoring and investigating violations of trademark law.

Lasfesta OU

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